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Beard & Bates

The Sandalwood Switchblade - The Original Wooden Beard Comb

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Redesigned for 2021! This new run of combs is our most Beautiful, Robust and Ergonomic ever. We invented this comb design, have worked out the kinks over the years, and our newest model is simply the best out there! Carved from a solid piece of wood; polished to perfection; you will be impressed. The Sandalwood Switchblade is Beard & Bates' take on a classic 19th century folding beard comb. This handcrafted artisan comb is perfect accompaniment for beards, mustaches and hair. Each beard comb is a unique work of art--no two combs are exactly alike. From a unique piece of solid wood each comb is carefully cut, sanded, fitted, resanded, polished, and laser-etched. Our combs are extremely smooth, pleasing to the touch, and are a testament to the beautiful wood. Our new and updated comb features a solid wood design which more strong and robust than our previous models. The folding design of The Sandalwood Switchblade beard comb provides an ergonomic yet aggressive and masculine design.